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Ron Parko
From a very young age my vision for detail in drawing was noticed from teachers at my elementary school. My earliest award was earned in the fourth grades of first place in a state wide drawing competition. Middle schoool the art teacher was instructed by the education board to let me do what I wanted. In high school I was placed into an Advanced Art and was the only time a freshman was ever placed into the Advanced Art program that was reserved for seniors. In the advanced Art program I recieved awards on the state level for the next four years. I also took a Drafting and Design course for two years and Architectual Drafting and Design for two years. After graduation I attended School Craft College of which I studied Architectual Drafting, Mechanical Engineering, and metals courses. Although college was needed, my passion was to keep my mind and hands busy remodeling and renovating. When the interest rates fell and home prices were still low, I bought my first house to flip and continued for 11 years, while also renovating kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, and remodeling customers homes.
Selected out of many to work with the design crew of ABC television show Extreme Make Over Home Edition from the idea to the completion. Hands on as a finish carpenter and stepping in on other tasks to make sure we kept on our time limits.

My training
My Grandfather Started me in the Home Improvement and Remodeling business, when at a very young age on weekends and summer vacation. He taught me the love of the Remodeling trade. This I take with me to work everyday. I chose this Remodeling / Renovation profession for the love of the craftsmanship and the Home Improvement trade. I am pleased knowing that we help create homes. My grandfather said to use my own name in business, do not hide behind some other name.

Carpenter by trade. Experience drawn from years of working as a Carpenter, not sitting behind a desk selling remodeling. I have the experience from remodeling that is still earned everyday on remodeling projects such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and fireplace remodeling. I know hands on what works, what to expect, what could happen, and drawing from experience the vision of the finished remodeling project. I study new techniques and make sure my crew is trained as well. I work with my crew on a daily basis. This helps to ensure there is not one communication error, so that what we have planned and designed turns out as you expected.  I work out of my house to lower the costs associated with running a remodeling company. My wife answers the phone and performs the scheduling of my remodeling sales appointments. Our advertising comes from our web page of which I have wrote myself. Myself and my crew are a very talented bunch, you will be impressed!
Ron Parko
Parko Home Renovations
Mike Varley grew up in Ireland. Mike's father was a carpenter and jack of all trades. He taught Mike hands on the skill for wood working. Mike grew up he traveled Europe building homes, bridges, parking structures, and even hand carving wood trim. Mike came to the US on vacation in 1997 to Chicago. When it was time to leave and the cab was waiting, he changed his mind to stay here in the US. Mike first traveled to New York and worked as a remodeling carpenter, but the city was to much concrete for him. Mike looked at Michigan as simular to his home of Ireland with all the lakes and water. Mike moved to Michigan in 1998. Mike further fine tuned his skills as a forman for Service Contractors, a remodeling company until they closed. Mike then joined Filmore Construction as a Lead Carpenter until they closed in 2004. Mike worked at EJH of Farmington until 2005. We selected Mike to join us in 2005. Mike is an expert painter, wood worker, finish carpenter, tiler, interior and exterior door installer. There has not been much that Mike can't do.

Mark Hendon has been doing remodeling construction since 1986 when he left the US Navy. Over the last 28 years he has done hundreds of projects ranging from rough framing to electrical wiring. He started a drywall company and brought his brother on board to help him out.  He quickly realized that carpentry was more to what he wanted to do, finish carpentry.  He closed his business and started at Case Handyman which primarily remodeled basements with the “Pink Panther System”.  From there, he moved to Filmore Construction and started in with high end remodeling of homes. After many years with them and before they closed he moved into Emergency Restoration where he was able to learn hands on how to handle fire, water and mold restoration.  He was able to go in and do a temporary fix on a house to secure the premises and then when the insurance company went through with the estimator, go back out and rebuild, remodel, upgrade and do the whole job, from ground up at times. He also was given an opportunity to work on for ABC Extreme Makeovers Home Edition. That was a great experience to be involved with the community to give to people that have special needs and when Hurricane Katrina hit, to be a part of the group that went down and worked at the Florida, Mississippi and Texas specials. Mark is a master remodeling carpenter, tile installer and knowledgeable in all phases of remodeling construction.